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Chevron Stripe EUP Pack

Chevron Stripe EUP Pack

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Show out your department's senior members with these FiveM ready supervisor stripes! This stripe pack will guarantee that your department has what it needs with several color choices and 7 distinct rankings!

Ranks Included
- Officer/Deputy/Trooper II
- Senior Officer/Deputy/Trooper
- Corporal
- Senior Corporal
- Sergeant 
- Staff Sergeant
- Master Sergeant

Colors Available
- Grey on black
- Grey on blue
- White on black 
- White on blue
- White on dark green
- Yellow on black 
- Yellow on blue 
- Yellow on brown
- Yellow on green

Extra Information
These stripes fit the long sleeve and short sleeve uniform shirts for male and female! All colors are general colors and we do not grantee a color match with your department theme. Files come as a YDD and YTD drag and drop and are replace.
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