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Detective Belt Badge Pack

Detective Belt Badge Pack

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Need some equipment for your detectives? Your squad will definitely stand out with these belt badges! You can use your own department logos by quickly editing these badges in the texture. No normal mapping required! Now is the time to get the new detective belt badges!

Items Included
- 5 Star detective belt badge
- 5 Star (circled) detective belt badge
- 6 Star detective belt badge
- 7 Star detective belt badge
- Eagle Top detective belt badge
- Oval Eagle detective belt badge
- Starburst detective belt badge

Product Details
- Includes rear cuffs
- Customizable for any badge/department
- Includes 2 leather variants
- Does not collide with holster or vest models
- Compatible with custom holsters

Extra Information
All files come in YDD and YTD form. Before purchasing, you are agreeing that you have read and fully understand the TOS.
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