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SAHP Mini EUP Pack

SAHP Mini EUP Pack

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Tops Included
- SAHP Class A
- SAHP Class B
- SAHP Class C
- SAHP Bomber Jacket
- SAHP Jacket
- SAHP T-Shirt
- SAHP Polo
- SAHP Long and short sleeve undershirt

Bottoms Included
- SAHP Dress and Cargo Pants

Accessories Included
- SAHP Loading vest (Slim style vest)
- SAHP Traffic vests
- SAHP Patrol baseball cap
- SAHP SGT and CPL insignias
- Custom modeled uniform badge
- Custom modeled campaign hat

Extra Information
Female support is included. All files come in YDD and YTD form and are replace. Before purchasing, you are agreeing that you have read and fully understand the TOS.
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