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The San Andreas State Police's goals are to maintain public safety, lessen public fear of crime, and combat crime when it affects our state's many ethnically and racially varied populations. An excellent option to highlight your SAHP is using the EUP package.

Tops Included

- Class A Uniform Shirt
Class A Uniform Shirt Summer Style (Light Colored)
Class B Uniform Shirt
Class B Uniform Shirt Summer Style (Light Colored)
Class C Uniform Shirt
Class C Uniform Shirt Summer Style (Light Colored)
- Utility Shirt 
- Utility Shirt (K9)
- Utility Shirt (HRT)
- Bomber Jacket 
- Bomber Jacket Summer Style (Light Colored)
- Raincoat Jacket 
- Raincoat Jacket (HI-VIS)
- Heavy Jacket
- Light Jacket (With Rank Variants)
- Light Windbreaker
- Long Sleeve Shirt
- T-Shirt 
- Polo
- Sweater with Uniform Shirt
- Parka
- Long and Short sleeve undershirt

Bottoms Included
- Cargo Pants
- Dress Pants
- Dress Pants Summer Style (Light Colored)

Accessories Included
- Loading Vest
- Traffic Vest
- JPC Vest 
- Regular Plate Carrier Vest
- Patrol baseball cap (3 Texture variants)
- SGT and CPL insignias
- Custom modeled uniform Badge
- Custom modeled campaign Hat
- Custom modeled campaign Hat Summer Style (Light Colored)

Extra Information
Before purchasing please make sure you have read and fully understand the TOS. Not ALL but MOST files have a female variant. GTA does not permit the full pack to be female compatible, but a majority of the pack is female compatible. This EUP is matches Ripple's Liberty 1 pack. 

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