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Security EUP Pack V1

Security EUP Pack V1

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Tops Included
- Class A Uniform Shirt (Black)
- Class A Uniform Shirt (Grey/Black)
- Class A Uniform Shirt (Blue)
- Class A Uniform Shirt (White)

- Class B Uniform Shirt (Black)
- Class B Uniform Shirt (Grey/Black)
- Class B Uniform Shirt (Blue)
- Class B Uniform Shirt (White)
- Class C Uniform Shirt (Black)
- Class C Uniform Shirt (Grey/Black)
- Class C Uniform Shirt (Blue)
- Class C Uniform Shirt (White)
- Bomber Jacket (Black)
- Bomber Jacket (Grey/Black)
- Bomber Jacket (Blue)
- Bomber Jacket (White)

- Light Windbreaker
- T-Shirt 
- T-Shirt (White)

- Polo
- Polo (White)

- Long and Short sleeve undershirt

Bottoms Included
- Cargo Pants
- Dress Pants

Accessories Included
- Loading Vest
- Loading Vest (Gold)

- Traffic Vest
- Patrol baseball cap (2 Texture variants)
- Custom modeled uniform Badge
- Custom modeled uniform Badge (Gold)

Extra Information
Before purchasing please make sure you have read and fully understand the TOS. MOST files have a female variant. THIS IS REPLACE. ADDON VERSION IS IN DISCORD. All logos/patches are owned by Allied Universal. 
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