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Service Award Bars

Service Award Bars

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To showcase your LEO's accomplishments, this pack comes with a set of service award bars that are fully modular. You may customize the textures in this pack in any way you choose. It is completely customizable and allows you to pick and choose which awards you can wear. The pack comes with the following, male only

- 3 Bar Service Award Setup
- 5 Bar Service Award Setup
- 6 Bar Service Award Setup
- 8 Bar Service Award Setup
- 9 Bar Service Award Setup
- 12 Bar Service Award Setup

The pack includes a TXT guide that explains how to change the textures. Basic understanding of EUP and how to install it is required. Understanding of how to edit EUP files is also required. We will not install the files for you nor will we assist in the basic installation.  All files come in YDD and YTD form and are ADDON. Before purchasing, you are agreeing that you have read and fully understand the TOS.

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